Providing excellent teaching practice can influence the learning of students. The majority of teachers do their best to meet the principles of good teaching practice to deliver the finest learning experience to their students. If you’re a teacher or you’re just curious and want to find out how to provide a good teaching and learning practices, then better read on.


Provide timely feedback and response


It’s important to offer a quick and precise response every time your students ask you a question. Providing feedback allows your class to develop their knowledge and skills as they will have an idea where or what they are lacking. This is one of the easiest teaching and learning practices you should consider.


Encourage communication among your students


A good communication is essential in class. Let your students say what they want and what they think about you as their teacher. This will enable you to understand what they are really thinking. Encouraging communication with your students also allows you to build a good relationship inside the classroom.


Let them participate


As much as possible, let everyone in the class participate. Call them one by one, and includes those who don’t raise their hand. Letting them participate makes them a better student, and this also encourages teamwork. Encourage your students to speak up. While you may have a hard time increasing the participation of your class, it will be all worth it in the end. Feel free to ask your class to inform you to make changes to improve class participation.


Listen to your students


When listening to your students’ questions or answers, try not to interrupt them. Instead, just listen carefully. Let them talk and of course, ensure to provide a specific response to all their questions. Moreover, when a student provides a wrong answer, be sure to respond in a way that will challenge the class to think more. Avoid embarrassing a student as this is really bad for class participation.


Remember their names


Your class will be more interested and engaged if you can remember and call them by their names. You can also encourage your students to learn other each other’s name as well. This teaching and learning practice is no doubt one of the best and easiest ways to increase engagement and build a good relationship with your class.


There are many good teaching and learning practices out there, and above we’ve compiled some of the best. Following the tips above will enable you to teach more efficiently and effectively – that’s for certain.