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Researchers at the State University of New York and Binghamton University have developed new technology and it allows the user to interact with the virtual reality atmosphere by giving command through mouth gestures. The proliferation of the inexpensive virtual reality head-mounted displays offers users with the realistic immersive visual experience. In fact, the virtual world is not only for the entertainment. At present world, most of the healthcare is used VR to help disabled patients.

Mouth Gestures To Interact With Virtual Reality

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New technology allows you to interact with each other in the virtual reality environment by using mouth gestures. As everyone knows HTC, Facebook and Playstation are the top players in the game of virtual reality device marketing with the competitive designs and pricing for a mass market. But Vive, Hololens and Playstation VR gives you an excellent visual experience to their viewers but it conceals half part of the user’s face and avoids the facial identification of the whole face. Lijun Yin is a leader of Binghamton team and their team has solved this aspect with the help of new framework which interrupts mouth gestures as the medium to interaction within the virtual reality in the real time. Yin team has tested this application on the group of the graduate students. Once the user put on the head-mounted display, it was presented with the simplistic game. The main objective of the game is to guide player avatar across the forest and eat as many cakes as possible. A player can also choose their movement direction by using head direction and moving using mouth gestures. A system can classify and describe user mouth movements and it could be achieved high correct recognition rates. In fact, this system was validated and demonstrated via virtual reality application. Basically, this application was beta tested by group of the graduates. Having HMD (Head mounted display) is really useful to play a simple game which is sufficient to guide the avatar. The guided movement is facilitated by using head rotation direction and some of the movements are performed by using mouth gestures whereas you can eat cakes by smiling. However, the system was successful with less error and later it is validated via real time virtual reality application. Yin believes that this technology is applicable to the plethora of fields.

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According to the studies says that student Xing Zhang and Umur Aybars Ciftci contributed to this research. In fact, the paper “partially occluded facial action interaction and recognition in the virtual reality application” and it is presented at 2017, IEEE international conference on the Expo and multimedia. It could be the valuable addition to the disabled patients, military personnel and medical professionals. This kind of the new technology might make experience lot more realistic at a long run. Once you surf in online then you can get detailed information about virtual reality. Basically, virtual reality is the computer technology which is used multi projected environments or virtual reality headsets. A person who is using virtual reality equipment can look around the artificial world.