New teaching methods in education



Teaching is never an easy task. If you are a teacher and looking for some new teaching methods in education to make it easier for you to inspire and improve your students, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some effective modern methods of teaching that are guaranteed to help you develop your students and reach their potential. Let’s dive right in.

Traditional Vs. a modern method of teaching

The traditional method of teaching is when a teacher guides students to understand through memorization and recitation techniques consequently not developing their critical thinking problem solving and decision-making abilities (Sunal et al 1994) while the modern or constructivist approach to teaching involves a more interacting, student-based of teaching. Here, the pupils learn through group participation.

Modern methods of teaching

The traditional “chalk and talk” method of instruction that is persisted for tens of thousands of years is currently getting inferior results in comparison with the more innovative and modern teaching methods which are available to be used in schools now.

As educators, it is vital to have the ability to instruct and stay engaging. It puts a higher degree of obligation on producing lesson plans that really work. Listed below are just three teaching approaches which are creating an impact.

Because conventional techniques utilized repetition and memorization of information to instruct pupils, it meant they weren’t creating their critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Modern learning encourages pupils to collaborate and is more effective. Saying that conventional and contemporary teaching approaches are equally useful and effective in the current education.

What are the different types of teaching methods?

Provide feedback

It’s almost impossible for your students to grow and move forward without providing feedback. Yes, you read that right. As a teacher, you need to deliver consistent feedback. This enables your learners to easily and quickly keep up with you. In addition, make sure to offer your students the opportunity to give you feedback so you can adjust your learning instruction and process.

Engage with your students

Students learn more when they are engaged. It is important for teachers to engage with their students as this is one of the most important teaching practices every teacher can do. Not only that this will help you to develop your learners, you’ll also be able to interact and communicate with your students easier and better. There are many ways to engage more with your learners, these include:

● Provide visuals
● Understand your students
● Be passionate and love what you do
● Teaching with technology
● Provide project-based learning
● Be you — be human


For your learners to learn from each other, it is crucial to facilitate class discussion frequently. This is also a good opportunity for teachers to have an idea about how well their students are acquiring new concepts and content that you teach. Do your best to provide frequent class discussion and you should be able to see your learners grow in no time.

Inspire your learners

Inspiring your students enables you to push their boundaries and achieve their true potential. Always be an inspiration to your learners and help them consider and attain their potential. Your enthusiasm and effort can influence the commitment of your students to be interested in your field. Offer support and help your learners to meet academic demands no matter how simple or difficult the demands are.

Let your students communicate with you

It is important to let your students express what they think and what they want to say. This will allow you to improve yourself as their teacher as well as provide the right teaching practices that your students need. Give your learners the opportunity to communicate well with you and let them express their opinion on how you teach.